Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5 Ways to Start Writing (again)

It had been a while since I started writing anything. I had taken a very long break. I'm a little rusty and I laugh at the fact that I'm having issues communicating my story the way I really want it done. I'm also having issues attempting some kind of schedule and writing goal. I have the goal, but it's accomplishing that goal where things get a little disorganized.

Here Goes...5 ways to start writing (again)

1. find inspiration. Via tumblr, twitter, writing blogs etc

2. Set a schedual. Find what time you can spend on writing. [ex. 5:00am - 7:00am]

3. Treat it like a job. Just because you're sitting on your bum at home, doesn't mean you get to be lazy.

4. Think of the people depending on you.

5. Write what makes you happy. Make sure it's something you're going to enjoy...or you will never finish it.

There's my five tips. I'm going to try my best to heed my own advice.

Now Back to Writing....

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