Friday, July 19, 2013

The Dorky Girl

     With How to Train Your Dragon 2 coming out in the near future I am excited to see a more grown up Hiccup. However, from the teaser trailer we are only let on to see Hiccup and toothless (who hasn't aged in appearance). I can't keep myself from wondering how the other kids have aged. Specifically speaking of the twins. Because beside toothless and hiccup, they were my favorite characters. Oh how I wished Hiccup hooked up with Ruffnut. Why is it that in almost every story the guy falls for the beautiful/hot girl? And the dorky, goofy girl is nothing more than a side character. Why don't the guys ever go for the nerdy, the goofy, the odd girl?
     Take Thor for example. he went with the intelligent and beautiful girl, all the while I wish he fell in love with her goofy friend.
     Lately the rave for a strong female protagonist has been overwhelming. She has to be gorgeous and charming and able to kick butt or serrender under the male protagonists' rescue. Why can't we have a silly and slightly air headed heroine? I'm not saying a dumb rich blonde girl either.
     I'm just frustrated that the cute nerdy girl loses out. What's her story, and when will we get to see it?

P.S. Astrid really isn't even compatible for Hiccup...being that he's super dorky.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

W.I.P. Excerpt

I feel bad that I haven't written much in this blog. I planned on writing on the topic of food and writing, but something came up and I am restricted on time. Therefore, here's a little excerpt on what I've been working on.

Behind tall towers and industrial plants, the sun began to sink. The sky was painted in livid colors of pink and violet hidden behind gray clouds. Evelyn held a book called the scriptures in her hands. She had found the title while numbly opening the first couple pages. After the fear had left and the rage had settled, curiosity was her vice. Her mind became tormented in the thought of never knowing, never understanding why something wanted her to know the name Yeshua, the now forbidden name of the long foretold savior of this book’s story.
Half an hour had passed and the book lay closed. It sat neatly without a page disturbed on top of the coffee table. A fan whirled in the corner of the room, producing a smooth serene back noise. Evelyn sipped at a warm mug of bitter tea because she had run out of sweetener and any money to buy more. As she stared into the clear vase of a dried up and blackened rose, her mind pondered the things she had just read.
Of four things Evelyn was certain. One, there was a reason masses of people destroyed the Bible. Two, the basis on which her innermost thoughts grew was a lie. Three, there was a God. Four, His judgment upon the world was closer than the air they breathed.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5 Ways to Start Writing (again)

It had been a while since I started writing anything. I had taken a very long break. I'm a little rusty and I laugh at the fact that I'm having issues communicating my story the way I really want it done. I'm also having issues attempting some kind of schedule and writing goal. I have the goal, but it's accomplishing that goal where things get a little disorganized.

Here Goes...5 ways to start writing (again)

1. find inspiration. Via tumblr, twitter, writing blogs etc

2. Set a schedual. Find what time you can spend on writing. [ex. 5:00am - 7:00am]

3. Treat it like a job. Just because you're sitting on your bum at home, doesn't mean you get to be lazy.

4. Think of the people depending on you.

5. Write what makes you happy. Make sure it's something you're going to enjoy...or you will never finish it.

There's my five tips. I'm going to try my best to heed my own advice.

Now Back to Writing....